PFA is a voluntary organisation. It is run by an elected Executive Committee. It is not aligned or related to any religious body or other organization. Although the visitors’ pass is issued by the Correctional Services Department and Police and although we have to co-operate with them and abide by their rules, the association is an independent body.

Members are of different nationalities and religions. They are from all walks of life, of different ages and with varied interests. No specific qualifications are essential to join the association though obviously some people are more suitable than others. Applicants are required to complete application forms. (Please see section 7- how to apply). It is a unlikely that anyone with a prison record will be permitted to visit prisons here and so he/she would not generally be issued with a pass. Although those under the age of 21 would not normally be accepted as a full member of the association they could, however, apply to be a pen friend.