“To give a service of friendship to prisoners and their families by providing regular visits, correspondence and meeting legitimate needs. By this means our aim is to help the prisoners and their families to cope with the imprisonment and to work towards rehabilitation and adjustment to society afterwards, and thus to contribute to a reduction in crime. Within the context of being a Prisoners’ Friend to suggest, encourage and support measures to improve prison conditions and the welfare of the prisoners and their families.”

“Many prisoners with no relatives or friends require a great deal of help in settling down and facing up to the reality of their sentence. Through regular visits, they are not only kept in touch with happenings in the world outside, they are also given hope for the future for by your actions it shows that the community, or at least some persons within the community, do care what happens to them.” ~ T.G. Garner, Commissioner of CSD 1984

An Australian Supreme Court judge said:

“We must not forget in our natural concern for victims that prisoners are also people and it is dangerous to overlook the essential dignity of each individual be he classified as good or bad by the average Australian… Money alone will not solve our prison problems. The answer lies in people who understand and care and who are given the opportunity to act progressively.”